María Virginia Parra

Dance teacher

Professional dance formed in nationally recognized groups, such as the "Compañía Nacional de Danzas Guanaguanare" led by Prof. Marcos Yepez from the city of Guanare Edo. Portuguesa, beginning her first studies in 1985 in this aforementioned house, in order to achieve extensive experience as a nationalist dance dancer that opened the way to opportunities to show herself on important television stages and to participate in renowned festivals such as the “Festival de Young Soloists in Dance ”and the“ Yacambu de Oro Festival ”held in the City of Guanare and Barquisimeto respectively.

In 1998 she began her training as a performer of genres such as jazz and contemporary dance in the schools "Neurodanza" and "Danza 10" in the city of Barquisimeto Edo. Lara, reinforcing herself as of 2013 in the city of Caracas in dance academies such as "Musa Estudio de Danza" and "Somos Uno Producciones".

In 2017 she joined the renowned nationalist dance company "Danzas Venezuela" under the direction of Yolanda Moreno, where she currently remains an active dancer showing technique and professionalism in each stage where she represents said company.

she Currently in the educational sector, she performs teaching tasks in different schools and dance studios, showing perfectly balanced competencies with artistic abilities and the ability to manage multidisciplinary teams.

Participation in Festivals, Competitions and Events Important:

• Festival of Young Soloists in Dance (Guanare)
• Yacambu de Oro Festival (Barquisimeto)
• Challenge to the Movement Competition (Caracas)
• Tv Programs "Answer by Uncle Simon"
• Tv Programs "El Club de los Tigritos"
• Tv Programs "Super Sabado Sensacional"

Dance Teaching Experience:

• School of Artistic Training Danzas Venezuela
• Musa Dance Studio
• Academy of Dance Arabian Latin Show

Workshop and Choreographer Experience:

• Fundacion Danzas Pariagua (State of Anzoategui)
• Bienadanza Civil Association (Portuguese State)
• Tricolor Dances (Portuguese State)