Our school was born from the need to merge the integral development of the musical, performing and vocal arts, for the training of musicians, artists and professionals of excellence, contributing in our community new avant-garde and traditional pedagogical methods that make us pioneers to regional level.

As an Integral School of Music Sherezade Perdomo we seek to position ourselves in the medium and long term as the incubator for artists and people who wish to expand their artistic and vocal concerns. For this we have our select staff of teachers of very high professional level. For the same reason, our School is open to all those people, of different levels and ages, who wish to polish their talent and improve their capacities in the personal and work environment.

This is how we train and cultivate new talents in Singing, Music, Performing Arts and the world of work in an enjoyable way and with innovative pedagogical concepts, also promoting the good use and management of the voice at all levels and providing Ideal spaces for teachers and students to deliver an education and learning of the disciplines in a pleasant way.

Our school teaches: Integral courses, classes and online courses.

The integral talent course is focused on Singing, in it the disciplines are unified that allow a global improvement of the students for excellent and complete musical and scenic interpretation. It consists of 4 chronological hours divided into two classes a week of two hours each focused on the disciplines of corporal expression, theater and singing.

The classes consist in the popular area of: Singing, electric and functional guitar, drums, bass, keyboard and four. In the classical area: Singing, piano, violin, viola, cello, guitar, recorder and traverse.

The special courses consist of: Imposition of the spoken voice, Imposition of the sung voice, management of cultural projects, in addition, since 2011 we have incorporated new disciplines such as the musical initiation workshop for children from 4 to 6 years old and initiation to theater. In short, we seek excellence in all artistic endeavors.